How we can help you?

Yoplan is a web platform that lets you earn money by sharing your hobbies with tourists.
The first step is to register on our website, it's free! Once you're registered you can offer as many experiences as you wish. To see in detail the steps you must follow to offer experiences, we advise you to read the "Start Guide".

First Steps

1. How does it work 1.1. Our community

We are a community of people passionate about helping you achieve a trip quality of those that remain in your memory for the rest of life. Each of us contribute to make these trips something really different. The locals and tourists share experiences and as our name implies YOPLAN, (Your Own Plan) where both parties become complicit in deciding is the plan they like, and so when the traveler returns home do so with a memory, a truly special experience.

1.2. Profiles

In the home page will find a tab "Login" where you can register with your email and password or with your Facebook and / or Google+. Once registered, complete the details of your profile: enters the tab "Biography", place a picture to your profile, your contact details and tell us a bit more about you

1.3. Experiences

If you are a villager and you want to make a proposal for experience, go to your profile user and click on the "create an experience" complete basic information about the experience you want to offer, such as country and city where it is offered, duration, minimum and maximum number of people who can venture into this experience, the services included, the price per person finally he describes briefly what it is about. Do not forget that the more details you have and the more experience, more likely to attract tourists will be understood. Moves up four (4) quality photos, a video and choose which days in the calendar will be available. Now, you're ready, review your experience and submit.

2. Trust services 2.1. Verifications

Once you've created an experience, you must wait for it to be validated by the team Yoplan. If this is the first experience that you place, you will be contacted by our community is therefore very important that your contact details are correct.

2.2. Messages

In your user profile will have a tab of "messages" which can communicate with hosts if you've booked a activity. If you are a host, you can communicate with travelers at any time for you to clarify all your doubts.

2.3. Payment System

After selecting the desired experience, you must make a payment of 20% for the reservation is confirmed. The remaining 80% pay your host to get to your destination.

3. How to travel 3.1. Search

In the main page can select your destination and clicking search a list of experiences for you to select the one you like is displayed. We suggest a wide range of activities conducted by persons chosen locale. Travelers can easily select any of them according to how their tastes and preferences.

You can also see the most popular destinations that are on the main page or explore between the experiences most sold.

3.2. Contact a host

To contact an English Lang, you must first reserve the experience offered by him, so he will open the option to communicate messages from the tab on your profile tourist.

3.3. Reserve

When you have chosen the experience you wantYou can book from the same window by selecting the option "book now". This will take you to the payment gateway and once completed the payment you will get an email with a confirmation voucher and details of your reservation.

3.4. Before Arriving

It is very important to consider these tips before you get:

  • Check the meeting point
  • Be on time
  • Make predictions about what is not included in your reservation
  • Be sure to have on hand at all time the emergency phone
3.5. During the trip

Make the maximum your experience, interact with your host to discover the secrets of the place.

3.6. After the trip

Do not forget to evaluate your host and write your comments about the experience you had. Your opinion is very important to determine how good the experience you made and so all travelers can read it. Similarly your opinion depends on the host to become a SuperHost or demote

How become a Host

Create an experience

The best way to know a place is interacting with population. Do you have a hobby or hobby and want to share with people from other countries? Enter your user profile Yoplan, on the "create an experience".

Description and services

Your potential customers want to know in detail the experience will share with you, so it is important to be as thorough as possible.

You must complete all fields of basic information. If you need help with this step or have questions you can get in contact us.


Our suggestion is that you upload 4 photos and if possible one video.

Pricing and Availability

Place the net price (what you want to collect). You can modify it when you consider according to the seasons or aspects that you think relevant. In the calendar you must indicate the availability you will have to make the experience. As you go making reservations will occupy the available days. If you have to change the availability, you can do from your user profile whenever you consider, taking into account that you can not change the days that already have confirmed reservations.

Manage your Calendar

You can change the availability of your experiences from your profile user whenever you want

Prepare your Activity

Prepare all necessary equipment for your experience, be on time and show your best smile because Travelers you want to know! It is important that nothing is missing what you promised in the description of your experience to leave a positive assessment on your host profile Yoplan.

Check your messages on your user profile and make sure it is clear the meeting point.


After the experience will be valued users with a system of stars from one to five. One and two star considered a negative rating three stars a neutral rating and four or five stars a positive assessment. In addition, travelers can leave comments on experiences.

Account and profile

How do I create an account?

You only have to register at the tab "login" using your email mail and password or you can access your Facebook account and/or Google+

Can Yoplan deactivate my account?

Yes, in case the you break "House Rules" of the Yoplan community. We may disable your account temporarily or indefinitely as monitoring and evaluation to consider the aftermarket team, but be sure to keep you informed of the reason if it occurs

Manage your profile Your personal information

It is important to have a complete profile with your personal information for the ones travelers to share experiences with you they can know about you before I met you. To complete your profile you must fill in the fields within the tab "Profile" in your user profile Yoplan.

How do I edit my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture many times as you want entering you Yoplan user profile and clicking "update photo".

SuperHost How I can become SuperHost?

A SuperHost is a host getting more than 90% of positive ratings. By having lots of ratings positively it makes customers see members of the community it serves as host of experiences is fantastic.

To take into account the evaluations to be a SuperHost, must be at least 20 positive customer ratings

Can I lose the category SuperHost?

Yes. If lower than 90% of the positive ratings you lose your condition from SuperHost. To get it back again, just to return to get that 90% positive rating

How will travelers know I am a SuperHost?

A SuperHost beto visibly identified for all users Yoplan and for those visiting the web with a label (__________)

What benefits you get a SuperHost?

By having the label SuperHost have greater chance that a traveler is decided by your experiences offered.

References How do referrals work?

If you're part of the community Yoplan and know someone who believe that you can have interesting experiences to offer travelers, send us an email to and you'll be working with our Community

Security and Password How do I reset my password?

To change your password go to your user profile and you Yoplan click on the "Password" tab, you must enter the current password and the new.

How I can change my email address associated with my account Yoplan?

You could not change your email from your Yoplan profile, to do so you should contact us by writing to


Keep in mind that you send your reservations notifications to your email. You should be careful of your reservations. If you do not receive emails successful attempts to verify your tray spam or junk mail desired. In case not receive emails can contact us writing an email to

Be a Host FAQ

1. Become a host Who can be a host?

Anyone living on countries like:

  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands
  • Curacao
  • Aruba
  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas
  • Haiti
  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Lesser Antilles

and want to share your hobbies and / or interests European tourists, earning extra money for it

Is there any legal issue that I must consider before becoming a host?

To be part of our community You must accept the terms and conditions of use of the platform and is required to respect the rules of coexistence. You must also advise as to the specific tax regulations of your country

2. Your Experiences How I can create an experience?

From the home page you can access on the "become a host" or you can go to your user profile and "create an experience". You must complete all information in 4 easy steps + information

How I can edit my experience?

Once you create the experience you can modify some aspects from your user profile entering "published experiences" and clicking on "edit". Remember that the changes do not affect the reservations are already confirmed

How many experiences I create?

So your availability permits. Yoplan is a community of people with energy and desire to explore the world, the limits are up to you, we ask only that you consider the time to share with each traveler optimally

2.1. Photos Can I apply Yoplan support for my photos?

Yes, we will be happy to help you with photos if you do not have optimal image quality. You just create your experience with the images you have available and we will contact you.

2.2. Suggestions How I can do emphasize my experience of others?

The first thing you will see travelers seeking experiences on the platform will be the images, so we recommend that you upload quality images and charming. A picture is worth a thousand words, dare to tell your experience through images. It is also important to have a good description, do not leave anything out and adjust your price at the best cost - benefit

3. Your Reservations 3.1. How do I know I have a reservation?

You will get a confirmation email that you have set in your user profile, you can also see the list of reservations on the tab "outstanding reservations"

3.2. How I can view and send messages?

When you log you see on the top right icon messages, in case you have new messages you will get a number, indicating the number of pending messages for reading, clicking on you will carry the message box where you can respond

3.3. Can I cancel reservations?

Yes, you can cancel reservations before the scheduled date but you must take into account the cancellation policies. For more information check the document "Terms and Conditions"

3.4. What if I can not contact travelers?

You must send an email to as soon as possible indicating the reservation number and a brief description of what happened

3.5. Can I change or cancel a confirmed reservation?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation from your user profile, searching the list of outstanding experiences done

4. Complaints and suggestions 4.1. How I can make a claim?

Emailing to It is important that you give us the details of your claim, the name of experience, the host, the reservation number, etc.

4.2. How I can ask YOPLAN to ask traveler reconsider their assessment to one of my experiences?

In Yoplan we can not suggest users reviews. Once the assessment is made, it can not be modified

5. Payments 5.1. How does the payment system work?

Yoplan does not handle payments hosts. Travelers payable locally on each host as the net price you have placed in each experience offered

5.2. How much will I receive as payment?

The net price you have placed in your experience, it can be in local or foreign currency. Contact the traveler through our messaging system before experience to clarify these details

6. General rules of a good host 6.1. Punctuality

Always comes when agreed, without forgetting your best smile. Remember that travelers to share with you are discovering your country through you, it is gratifying that the best impressions are carried

6.2. Communication

Use the message system to clarify doubts travelers responds as soon as possible, be kind.

6.3. Security

No one better than locals to know how to get around within your city, keep travelers safe areas. Take all necessary precautions for safety

Be a Yoplan Traveller

1. Search experiences on the platform 1.1. How do I search experiences Yoplan platform?

You have several ways to find experiences within the platform. The first is from the home page, in the box "search" write what you like to do such as running, swimming, dancing, skating, jumping, etc. Another way to search is using the filter "top full experience"that will take you to a screen with experiences like most travelers. Another option is to search for destinations from the home page by clicking on the image of the destination you want, you will display all the experiences that destination. Another way to search is filtered by category using the "see by categories" and then selecting the category you like

1.2. How do I create my wish list?

Create your wish list entering the experiences you want to do, you'll see that there is a button "add to my whislist" will be added to your list and then you can find more quickly from your user profile

1.3. Can I see the profile of the host?

Yes, within the experience the host name that appears offers, if you give click will take the host where you can see all your information and all the experiences offered in Yoplan profile

1.4. How I can ask questions of the host?

Once the reserve of experience you want can communicate with the host via messages and can clarify any doubts you may have about the experience reserved

2. Book Experiences 2.1. How do I book an experience?

Choose the experience you want to do, find the date that is available using the calendar, put the number of people who made the experience and select "book now". This will take you to the secure payment gateway. You can pay with debit and / or credit or PayPal. When payment of your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email with confirmation of your reservation and details of experience chosen

2.2. Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, we'll only ask you to consider our cancellation policy. For more information read our "Terms and Conditions"

3. Payments 3.1. What payment methods used Yoplan?

You can make payments on your booking Yoplan using your debit and/or credit and your account PayPal

3.2. Can I pay in any currency?

Yoplan your booking must be paid in Euros


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